Perfect Waves

Best quality waves in the world. The Mentawai Islands and the wider regions expanding up to Nias and further south has one of the best wave fields in the world. Open to all the amazing long period swells generated from the south indian ocean’s roaring 40’s, yet nestled away on the equator with lighter winds and weather systems. This combined for perfect swells, perfect weather and amazing barrels.

Beautiful Islands

Come experience life in the tropics. The Mentawai Islands are a natural paradise surrounded by warm blue waters. It everything you ever imagined day-dreaming in class and doodling on your notebook; Palm trees, reefs, and perfect waves.

Great Fishing

After a surf, go for a snorkel or pull out rod to catch fish. Lots of good eating is just waiting to be caught.

Good Food

Along with great fish to eat we also serve up the best local and western style meals everyday. Onboard the Oasis except 3 health meals per day, plus a range of snacks. If you like Indonesia Food, our chef will have plenty of excellent Padang style curries over rice. If you’re a meat and potatoes kind of fellow never fear we also serve up plenty of traditional western foods.

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